French Learning Object Repository for Education

FLORE is a free repository of French language educational resources. It is meant to help the user find appropriate sites and specific learning objects to learn or teach French. FLORE is designed for faculty and students in post-secondary institutions and it offers over 1000 online resources with annotations such as content descriptions and peer reviews. FLORE differs from online repositories because it contains links to very specific objects such as tables extracted from a larger web site for instance. By using the advanced search function, you can find sites or learning objects that answers your own learning needs.

FLORE is in the process of building its database of resources. However, our aim in collecting online materials is to provide quality resources rather than quantity.

If you visit FLORE for the first time, you may simply browse the materials collected or you can register. Subscription is free and it gives access to such functions as reviews and advanced searches. To register, simply click on "Registration".

If you are already registered, enter your "Username" and "Password" and click on "Login".

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